Chinese medicine can help with pain relief and management of the following conditions:

Back, Neck, Shoulder, and Hip pain,  Sciatica, Oedema 

Chronic and autoimmune diseases.

Special interest in womens health - including Menstruation , Pre-menstrual syndrome PMS! Fertility , Menopause . Fatigue 

Child health, night terror, bed-wetting

Digestive problems, Irritable bowel syndrome , IBF

Respiratory issues, sinus, hay fever

Stress related disorders 


Japanese Acupuncture

Toyohari & Manaka Protocol


Shiatsu Massage​



Paediatric Acupuncture

30 minute free consultation
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About Myriam

Successful treatment of patients is best achieved using a combination of techniques & I have travelled far and wide to gain the skills and experience to treat your ailments. Whether you have muscular issues, IBS, fatigue or depression, I know I can help you.


Bachelor in Traditional Chinese Medicine with an internship at Guangzhou in China

Certificate in Japanese Acupuncture Toyohari

Certificate in Manaka protocol.

Toyohari workshops in Japan & New Zealand

Diploma in Shiatsu Therapy at the renowned Nature Care College

Zen Shiatsu studies in Tokyo


I am a registered acupuncturist with a great depth of skills in shiatsu massage

and other forms of traditional chinese medicine.



At Myriams Acupuncture Clinic, our interest is in your wellbeing. We offer many services which can be taken seperately or combined as part of your care or rehabilitation. Let us help you decide what will best suit your needs


Manaka Protocol:  This works with extraordinary vessels and Ion pumping cords which are very efficient treating many conditions including burns, whiplash, liver, neck problems, sinus, etc.

Toyohari:  This is a sophisticated style of acupuncture derived from classical Chinese medicine. It is gentle, painless and it   emphasizes touch and the use of thin needle which are not inserted in the majority of cases. It can treat all sorts of conditions and it is very good regulating the body’s energy and vitality. It regulates the meridians (energy channels) which benefits the functions of all the body organs.


A holistic massage therapy developed in Japan that works with the same theory and principles as Acupuncture. It works with gentle pressure along the energy channels of the body.


Shiatsu therapy is very effective as a preventive therapy and general health management. It stimulates circulation, strengthen the body, promote relaxation, alleviate pain and discomfort, and support the body owns balance.

In certain conditions combining Shiatsu acupuncture in the treatment bring positive effects speeding the healing process of the patient.


Non-invasive, painless type of Acupuncture which uses small specialised tools to stimulate immune function, helps the body feel calm and improve circulation.

Chinese medicine can help relieve the symptoms of the following conditions:

  • Night terror

  • Indigestion 

  • Constipation and diarrhoea 

  • Bed-wetting 

  • Weak constitution

  • Bronchitis, coughing 

  • Children neurosis

  • Other paediatric issues



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